We wish you a successful start to the year 2018

Dear friends, after the relaxing holidays with your loved ones and a successful turn of the year, we wish you a healthy and happy 2018. One of the highlights of last year’s event was undoubtedly the personal participation in a panel discussion by the board member Fred-Eric Essam at the international conference “G20 Africa Partnership – Investing in a Common Future“, which took place from 12 to 13 June 2017 in Berlin at the invitation of Günter Nooke, personal African representative of the German Chancellor in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Specifically, it was about the implementation of the Marshall Plan for and with Africa. To follow up on this Africa summit, ident. africa e. V. formulated one of its most important projects in Cameroon in the form of its commitment to more employment in Boboyo, with a special focus on women. For ident. africa, women are among the most important actors and partners in the development of their families and communities. Offering you a voice and career prospects has top priority for ident. africa. For this reason, ident. africa started a training programme on 01.01.2017 for more self-employment and for the improvement of the living conditions of the people in Boboyo in the north of Cameroon. Sixty (60) young women enrolled in the “Literacy Centre” in order to complete a training programme for seamstresses. For 2018 we expect at least the same number of women’s jobs that will be created as a result.

With the slogan “Education is the key to success“, ident. africa e. V. is committed to further local educational projects. This includes improving the framework conditions for pupils, for example by providing them with clean drinking water. By building a school and community garden, we make a sustainable contribution to food security and thus to the concrete improvement of the nutritional and health situation of school children.

With our ambitious goal of making Boboyo a beacon project for the whole of Cameroon, we have succeeded in establishing and expanding strategic partnerships with organizations and foundations from Germany and Cameroon. These include personal commitments, e. g. from the founders of the Heider Kober Foundation, Stephan and Christoph Heider and Stefan Kober. We are also pleased about the personal commitment of Uli Bäge ( United Evangelical Mission), who co-initiated the project “A Church for Boboyo” and organized the architecture competition of the students of the universities RWTH Aachen and FH Koblenz.

Furthermore, we are proud of our cooperation with other associations such as Fairzülpich e. V., led by the first chairman Klaus Juschka, who has supported the educational project in BOBOYO since the beginning, the Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists (VKII) e. V. or the Bethléem Foundation in Mouda Cameroon and the CODEBO, the Boboyo Village Development Organization.

We have ambitious plans for the year 2018 and we need your continued support for this. Our organization Planning for this year includes the following projects:

  • the construction of a well at Boboyo Preschool
  • promoting self-employment in Boboyo
  • the construction of school benches for all pupils
  • the construction and extension of schools
  • The construction of a school canteen
  • the construction of a school library

Together we can do it!

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