Klaus Juschka left the board of FairZülpich e.V. with a donation for Boboyo

Zülpich, 02. April 2019
It was an emotional speech when Klaus Juschka, acting chairman of FairZülpich e.V., spoke and presented the activities of the past years and the aid projects supported by the association for several years worldwide presented. In addition to the partnership with various development aid organisations, the activities of the association and the development of the World Shop with its attached café played an important role.

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Cleft palate successfully operated – Paul Junior looks to a better future

The surgical operation lasted a whole morning on 29.07.2018. According to the operating doctor, the whole operation ran without complications. Paul Junior is since then doing very good. He now receives liquid food over the next few weeks so as not to interfere with the healing process. His mother has to buy clean drinking water every day from a discount store so that Paul Junior comes into contact with as few germs as possible. The doctor prescribed it after the chirurgical operation. In Cameroon, the availability of drinking water is still a major problem. Continue reading