The inadequate supply with electricity and water is one of the biggest challenges in the remote regions of Cameroon. is consequently participating in the expansion and modernization of the local basic infrastructure.


Energie / Strom

In the rural regions of Cameroon the supply with energy is missing or unreliable to a high degree. If available the electricity for everyday life is generated by old diesel generators. Therefore, has equipped schools with photovoltaic systems and works on the expansion of transmission lines to Boboyo and other villages.

Clean drinking water


Contaminated water from rivers and lakes is the most common cause for the diarrhoeal disease Cholera. The more important is the access to clean drinking water. Therefore, arranged the drilling of wells at seven different schools, which ensures the water supply for 2.000 school kids, the school employees and the residents.

Multifunctional centre

Multifunktionales Zentrum

The„Centre Multifunctional“ is both a meeting and literacy centre for the inhabitants of Boboyo. In the future the centre will be equipped with computers and an internet connection and can therefore serve as a training centre for the adults of Boboyo.