Fund-raising campaigns


In 2010 Insa Riese, Julia Wolters and Martin Busshart called the event Run4identafrica into life. Together they ran the Cologne marathon or the Cologne half marathon. Their running was rewarded: family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues donated over 2.000 Euros for satchels, exercise books, pens and other school material.


Cross runners, half marathon runners, marathon runners or super marathon runners- everyone can take apart. We are looking for runners that are willing to search for sponsors in their surroundings (family members, friends, colleagues or companies), which will support their running. These sponsors are paying e.g. for every running kilometre one Euro or a fixed overall sum for crossing the finish line.


Please support our runners with their running for example on our fund raising site. The proceeds from the run go 100 per cent into projects of in the north of Cameroon.


„Girls kick for girls” is the central motto of the yearly held benefit tournament. With this tournament pursues two goals: promotion of girls soccer in Germany and girls’ education in Cameroon.

The event was first brought to life in 2007. Since then every year more and more teams in the age groups  11, 13, 15 and 17 play in front of the impressive scenery of the Cologne RheinEnergie-stadium. Thanks to an interesting framework program, kick4boboyo has been an experience for the whole family.

Since we want to allow all girls the participation on the tournament the registration is free for the soccer teams. The revenue for the support of the school girls of Boboyo comes from the sale of food and drinks.

Further information to Kick4Boboyo can be found here: