Private Commitment

Besides its members is also able to have access to experts from different areas of expertise. With this know-how we are able to carry out our projects in an optimal way.

If you also want to support us with your knowledge feel free to contact us via the [intlink id=”159″ type=”page”]contact[/intlink] page.

Manfred Hambrock

Coputer für Schulen in Kamerun

The industry manager from Mainz is a real blessing for As a senior expert working for [intlink id=”1062″ type=”page”]SES Bonn[/intlink] he has already supported projects in Moldavia, Bulgaria, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Nepal and Afghanistan. For Manfred Hambrock is carrying out the installation of the in Germany donated computers in Cameroon. Furthermore, he trains the teachers in the handling of the equipment and shows them how to maintain the computers.


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Michael Krings

Everythin started with a Cameroonian school bench that was rebuild by the carpenter Michael Krings for demonstration reasons. Impressed by the work of he joined the two week trip to Cameroon in 2010 with his family.  On site he visited several joinery and wood suppliers. He supports with his expertise by the conception of a professional education centre for gifted children.


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