German government appointed Fred-Eric Essam member of federal commission on migration

German citizen and Cameroonian borned Fred-Eric Essam has been appointed by Government resolution of 03.07.2019 to the commission causes of flight” of the German Federal Government. The Commission’s task is to provide concrete recommendations to the Federal Government on how to tackle the causes of flight and irregular migrations.

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Jo Ruof celebrated his birthday and donate 600 Euro to

It was not a round birthday for Jo Ruoff, Professor of Building Physics at the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, but it was still reason enough to collect donations for’s educational project instead of gifts. In this way he supports the efforts of the Cologne-based association for education, health and infrastructure projects in the small village of Boboyo in the North Cameroon region.

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Africa in Class 8 at the St. Ursula Monschau Girls’ Secondary School

08.04.2019, the trip to Monschau took about one hour. On the parking lot of the “Bischöfliche Mädchenrealschule St. Ursula Monschau”, Mrs. Johanna Landerer, the teacher was already waiting. She and Mr. Fred-Eric Essam had met last spring. The friendship resulted in a joint project idea to support the women’s and self-employment project in Boboyo through various charitable activities. Mrs. Landerer then donated seven (7) sewing machines. Now Essam visited the Realschule on that day, where more than 80 pupils were already curiously waiting for his presentation. Continue reading